A hundred and forty million years ago a creature struggled to escape the hostile horizontal world. It became lean and strong and developed into a magnificent climber. Then, driven by success and the gears of evolution it developed the feather.... and downclimbing became a thing of the past. Named the Archaeopteryx lithographica, the link between dinosaurs and their avian successors, Arc'teryx's name represents the idea of accelerating evolution, helping to drive human progression in the outdoors. We believe there is always a better way.


Arc'teryx products are sorted into activity specific collections. Selected materials and features meet the demands of those activities.

Alpinism and Climbing

Climbing equipment designed for efficient movement and protection in alpine environments.

Arc'teryx Essentials

Versatile high performance designs for diverse activities and conditions.

Hiking and Trekking

For technical hiking, trekking, durable and protective designs for remote and varied conditions.


Technical outdoor functionality, comfort and durability brought to everyday designs.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Designed with specific snowsports features for efficient protection, layering and movement.

Trail Running

Technical trail running systems with a focus on freedom of movement and moisture management.

Product Modifiers

Many of our product names include a category modifier. These modifiers aid in defining each product features and intended use.

All Round

High performance weather protection and materials, emphasizing versatility for multiple activities.

Fast and Light

Minimalist, high performance and light weight, for rapid travel in variable conditions.


Thermally insulated products that provide efficient warmth and protection from the elements.


High performance, minimalist design that is durable for its weight.

Long Distance

Light, durable footwear providing comfort, support and protection on extended trail runs.

Mixed Weather

Highly durable, breathable and mobile. Best for mixed usage in changing weather conditions.

Severe Weather

Most durable materials and weather protection, for prolonged exposure to severe conditions.


Superlight materials and design, emphasizing light weight and packability over durablity.


Trail running footwear providing grip, performance and durability on varied terrain.

Product Family

Similar products are grouped into families. These families typically share certain design characteristics.


Lightweight, minimalist climbing and alpinism products that protect from alpine environments.


Versatile: high performance for diverse activities and conditions.


Air permeable fleece mid layer. Thermally efficient, comfortable next to skin.


Weather resistant mid or outer layers with stretch. Highly breathable and abrasion resistant.


Thermally efficient base layer with excellent moisture management properties. Has stretch comfort.


Lightweight hiking and trekking designs with an emphasis on comfort and efficiency.


Ergonomic urban lifestyle designs with technical advantages. Made for efficient movement.


Versatile synthetic insulated mid layers with a high degree of weather resistance.


Multi-day trekking products that are durable and functional in mountain environments.


Streamlined, minimalist and lightweight technical down insulation. High warmth to weight ratio.


Waterproof insulated outer layers for severe cold and wet. Lightweight and windproof.


Highly breathable, minimalist trail running gear that provides light environmental protection.


High performance trail running systems for extended high output in challenging terrain.


Quick dry base layer with excellent moisture management. For high output activities.


Ski alpinism systems for technical high performance in mountain environments.


Air permeable mid layer insulation with abrasion and weather resistant outer surface.


Merino wool base layers with natural anti-odour control. Long wearing comfort.


Versatile down insulated mid layers that provide durable warmth. Light by construction.