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Womens - Harnesses

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Women’s Harnesses for Climbing Activities

Designed with ergonomics and functionality for climbers in mind, Arc’teryx harness equipment for women is lightweight and purpose-built for dynamic movement. With high-quality designs you can trust, you can solely focus on the climb to reach great heights.

Arc’teryx women's harnesses can be ergonomically worn over shell jackets, insulated jacketspuffer jacket, hiking tops, pants or shorts. Climbing gear is also paired well with waterproof gear for wet weather conditions in fast-changing environments. Lightweight shoes and chalk bags are another great addition to any climbing ensemble. Refer to Arc’teryx comprehensive layering guide for the best way to layer climbing gear in any climate.

What are the Purpose of Climbing Harnesses?

For a secure and pleasant ascent that also provides you with support, harnesses are crucial. A climbing harness is a tool that provides access to the safety of a secure rope for climbers. It is used in abseiling, lowering, and rock and ice climbing among other climbing activities.

The best climbing harnesses should be adaptable and have an adjustable leg strap so you can succeed on sport, alpine, trad, or other climbing routes. To keep you comfortable while ascending, harnesses should be strong, lightweight, and flexible. High-quality gear will provide you with maximum peace of mind when climbing, allowing you to focus entirely on the ascent.

How to Choose the Right Climbing Harness for You

Making a decision about harnesses is a personal one that can be daunting to ensure it fits comfortably and functionally. To make sure you get the right gear, refer to our sizing guide to help you make a perfect choice.

Arc’teryx harnesses have specific maintenance needs that are based on their fabric composition. Check out our product care page for step-by-step instructions on the best way to look after your equipment.

Explore the versatile range of women’s harnesses to find the perfect equipment for your next adventure! Shop online today at Arc’teryx New Zealand.