Do Right Days - The Affinity Initiative

Do Right Days - The Affinity Initiative


We are delighted that 50% of sales April 22nd will be donated from our Australian Arc'teryx Stores, and to the Affinity Initiative. You will also receive a special DO RIGHT patch with your purchase.

The Affinity Initiative is created as a neutral ground for all brands to come together no matter how big or small, to put aside their differences, and to work towards a common goal - elevating the presence and uplifting the voices of women-of-colour in climbing. 

Diversity is the essence of life on our planet and a source of richness for our lives and communities. This resonates deep in our brand values, as we strive to support programs that help people from all backgrounds and lived experiences engage in self-propelled activity. We believe in Outer Peace, that the path towards a better self begins in nature - outside our doors and ourselves.

We acknowledge that we are learning, seeking to continually grow and understand how we can better support diversity and inclusion in the outdoors.

We believe everyone has the right to experience the Outdoors.

The Black Lives Matter Movement has shed a light on how deeply rooted racism is in our society, and the outdoor industry is not exempt from it.

The concept of recreation in the outdoors is a direct result of violent settler colonisation forcing the removal of Indigenous people from their sacred lands.

While many say ‘the outdoors does not discriminate,’ our outdoor recreational system is built on the same underlying system of oppression governing our society. This means that we all have a responsibility to actively dismantle the systems that are widening this diversity gap. We must keep ourselves informed and use our collectivism through spreading awareness and demanding greater accessibility to the natural world for all. 

This is why we are seeking out a partnership with the Affinity Initiative, so that we can elevate and enable people who have an ongoing history of being marginalised in the outdoors to be able to celebrate in these spaces.

In allegiance to their initiative, we pledge to commit to educating ourselves and to help provide a safe community for all. Stay tuned as we will be working with them to host outdoor workshops and indoor meetups throughout the year.


📷 by Krish Sewraj | Ambassador and AI Founder Jo Lee on a sea cliff climb in Wilyabrup, WA Australia