Do Right Days

Do Right Days

We believe that Arc’teryx can be a force for positive change. We create this change not only by improving the practices in our core operations, but by supporting projects and partners that align with our values.

Late in 2018, we asked ourselves if there was more that we could do to support people and organisations in our communities that are working on solving problems to create positive change in our world. The answer: always. Enter the concept of Do Right Days; an opportunity to leverage our business for positive social impacts by sharing our profits with organisations whose work we support and admire.

Throughout the year, we dedicate certain days to donating 50% of revenue from all sales on to supporting groups that are seeking to understand the challenges their communities face, ideate on what might be possible and act towards solutions. We support those who seek to Do Right.

Our three main areas of focus and support are:

TIME WELL SPENT :: We value time spent in wild spaces, which promotes mental wealth and connection to each other and the planet. We support programs that further those aims.

WILD SPACES & CLIMATE :: Our environment defines and inspires us, so we support programs for conservation, research, and the restoration of ecologically valuable areas.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION :: Diversity is the essence of life on our planet and a source of richness for our lives and communities. Thus, we support programs that help people from all backgrounds and life situations engage in self-propelled activity and connect with the outdoors.